Incorporate a sustainable development strategy into your business plan and you’ll soon see an increase in your company’s economic, social and environmental performance.
SADC professionals actively employ sustainable development practices in all they do and provide effective support in the implementation of sustainable development practices into business operations. The SADC guides businesses towards the resources most suited to support the individual needs of a company. Also, it works in close collaboration with its privileged partner, Synergie économique Laurentides, and a network of prominent sustainable development partners.
For a sustainable development project or for information relating to a diagnosis, the creation or implementation of a sustainable development action plan, please contact us at 450-229-3001, ext. 27.

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The SADC prioritizes sustainable development practices in all actions

Synergie Économique Laurentides

Synergie Économique Laurentides

Synergie Économique Laurentides (SEL) is a non-profit organization created through the combined efforts of the SADC des Laurentides, the SADC d’Antoine-Labelle and the CAE Rive-Nord. Its mission is to offer its corporate, institutional and municipal Laurentian clientele a development model based on the principles of circular economy in order to make them more competitive in reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The creation of this kind of dynamic exchange network really pays off.

Carbon Credit Exchange

Through the Carbon Credit Exchange pilot project supported by 15 SADC/CAE across Quebec, the SADC des Laurentides allows businesses to pool their greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts, thus providing them with access to the carbon credit market.

SADC Accomplishments

Economic Development Canada

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