Through mentorship, entrepreneurs gain the tools to reach their full potential. The Mentor Team guides and supports local entrepreneurs in the development of their professional skills and business acumen, thus contributing to the success of local businesses and raising the profile of the region as a whole.

Benefitting from the personal and professional experience of a mentor means:

  • Seeing things differently and gaining new perspectives;
  • Pushing your thought process further and imagining new possibilities;
  • Preventing hasty or uninformed decision-making;
  • Setting, measuring and reaching objectives;
  • Sharing “highs and lows” and playing down challenging situations.
Recognized business experience and a desire to contribute to the success of young entrepreneurs
These are people with recognized business experience who contribute to the success of young entrepreneurs.
In their dyad, members of the SADC des Laurentides mentor cell advocate honest communication, where an open-mind and non-judgmental attitude are fundamental.

Mentors are trained and accredited by Réseau M, a community of interest offering a mentorship service for entrepreneurs in Quebec, France and Luxemburg.

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