Mentors team

Sylvie Laganière

A passionate woman? Absolutely! Sylvie has a vision of excellence that signifies, among other things, to have confidence in yourself and to believe in your own success. “Success for me is not just about achieving the desired result; first and foremost, it’s about the personal and collective journey travelled to get there,” she highlights. As a mentor, this governance specialist hopes to contribute to the wellbeing of entrepreneurs as well as to continue to learn – in all humility – about their drive and courage. Her sensitive and rational approach allows her to quickly see what isn’t working and to dauntlessly tell it like it is.

Michel Hylands

First and foremost, Michel Hylands is a financier. During his career, he has risen steadily through the ranks of the banking world, first starting out as a teller before going on to hold a variety of management positions in one of Canada’s largest foreign banks for 25 years. As a mentor, he hopes to contribute to the social and economic success of the Laurentian region. Recognized for his dynamic, self-reliant nature, Michel Hylands feels that there is a particular strength to be found in the team concept. For him, mentorship is a meaningful role that involves active listening and personal coaching.

Martine Paiement

“Success is an art, you just have to believe”. In this art form, Martine Paiement is indeed a master! This energetic mentor has the expertise to coach ambitious, innovative and passionate entrepreneurs focussed on growing their business. Through attentive listening and her ability to capture key points, she leads the mentoree to see an overall view of opportunities and threats, as well as any internal and external company barriers to success.

Lucien Lenôtre

One of Lucien LeNôtre’s many strengths is to know how to creatively raise people’s awareness about a given subject. This is exactly what he practiced during his long career in the aerospace industry. For him, success means realizing a vision after following a well-planned trajectory to get there. Now retired, Mr. LeNôtre puts his time, experience and patience at the disposal of entrepreneurs in need.

Norman MacPhee

Norman MacPhee is an attentive, reliable and dedicated man. For him, mentorship represents an unique opportunity to contribute to the development of young local entrepreneurship. “As a child, my parents taught me that within every human lies potential just waiting to be developed,” underlines the mentor who believes that with vision and determination, anything is possible.

Louise Lapointe

Louise Lapointe defines herself as a trustworthy mentor: she is a confidante that isn’t too complacent and someone who respects the mentoree while not being afraid to set the record straight. Her motivation? Knowing that she can make a difference for entrepreneurs at a moment in their lives when they need a helping hand. Louise is highly adept at encouraging entrepreneurs to act on the things they can control, to sort out their feelings and to recognize their strengths. For this dedicated woman, success means always giving her 100% and finding fulfillment in everything that matters in life.

Sylvie Florent

Sylvie has been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship since she was six years old. For expert accountant Sylvie Florent, success comes with the feeling of a job well done, with the satisfaction of reaching her clients’ objectives and with delivering the desired results. Her contribution as a mentor is driven by the influence she can have with mentorees to support the longevity of their business and thus ensure regional economic vitality. Sylvie Florent is an open-minded person and an excellent listener who wants to reassure entrepreneurs as she helps them to find balance.

Dominique Laverdure

In line with her philosophy of paying it forward, Dominique Laverdure is first and foremost committed to mentorship quite simply because she likes entrepreneurs. “I am especially interested in business start-ups facing growth challenges,” she explains. This dynamic lady is a leader and a strong communicator, someone whom the mentoree can count on for exchanging ideas and finding solutions. Her definition of success? “For me, success means finding happiness and balance. To do what I love everyday, with a smile on my face.”

Louis Lapointe

Backed by his training as an engineer coupled with that of an MBA plus his practical experience in large, medium, small (and miniscule!) businesses, mentor Louis Lapointe hopes that regional entrepreneurs will benefit from his toolbox. He compares himself to an X-ray machine that can scan companies to find out what isn’t working so as to fix the root of the problem. Success according to Louis Lapointe? The pride of accomplishing projects each and every day. Furthermore, Success with a capital ‘S’ comes with inner balance.

Marcel Vachon

This adept unifier possesses an inherent talent to rally people around projects. “Success for me is to find happiness in what I am doing and to surround myself with people with whom I share an affinity,” notes businessman Marcel Vachon. Recognizing that life has been good to him, he is happy to return the favour as a mentor to share his extensive professional experience with hardworking entrepreneurs who dream big.

Marc Tassé

Positive and curious by nature, Marc Tassé defines himself as a “strange creature” that likes to spark constructive action. He is, without question, a public relations man driven to rally the business community. Honest, loyal and determined, this mentor believes that baby steps lead to great accomplishments. His vision of success? “When I go to bed at night after spending a day doing what I love, life is great!”

François Marcil

Toute entreprise qu’il touche devient gigantesque. Expert en gestion participative et en relation client et employés, l’entrepreneur François Marcil témoigne que son succès est attribué au fait qu’il a su s’inspirer des plus grands que lui. Le secret de ses nombreuses réussites? De trouver sa niche et de savoir se démarquer. Philanthrope, M. Marcil nourrit sa culture entrepreneuriale par le charisme, l’amour et le respect. En tant que mentor, il aime s’investir auprès de jeunes entrepreneurs.

Richard Daoust

An administrator by profession, Richard Daoust is an ambitious and determined manager as well as an effective negotiator. As a mentor, he sheds light on any contradictions he finds with the mentoree, guides him to attack the problem and puts him on the right track towards action. According to Mr. Daoust, success is based on being happy in what you have set your mind to accomplish. And it goes further: “Success is also about being able to analyse and understand your situation, and having the nerve to take a new direction when the need arises.”