Ongoing projects


In order to create a favourable environment conducive to emerging local initiatives and community vitality, the SADC is multiplying its efforts and developing projects to boost the ability of the community to adapt in a changing economy.

mentoratfeminin-sadcMENTORSHIP FOR WOMEN

Increasing Economic Prosperity for Women
“To promote the advancement of women across diverse sectors through mentorship”

This 30-month project, funded by Status of Women Canada, aims to develop a viable mentorship model that will help to remove barriers to success for women entrepreneurs in the region.

In collaboration with a host of partners, the SADC des Laurentides is currently implementing a pilot project to meet the particular needs of women entrepreneurs following business start-up.

This new mentorship model is supported by recommendations drawn from several consultations. Ultimately, this new mentorship service will be integrated in the organization’s regular operations.

For more information or if you wish to participate in the “Mentorship for Women” pilot project as a mentor (women and men) or as a mentoree (women), please contact Anny Champoux, Local Development and Communications Agent, at or 450-229-3001, ext. 26.


Some key highlights identified during consultations

• The discussion groups organized by the SADC des Laurentides support the fact that women define success by balance in their lives;

• Women prioritize professional and personal autonomy in their business decisions, versus men who prioritize financial criteria;

• Work-life balance stood out as a clear need for women during the discussion groups;

• Key issues identified by women during the survey were financing, marketing and sales.


Key elements included in the Final Report on Mentorship Model Recommendations

Canadian Statistics on Female-owned SMEs (PDF)

Brief Summary of Regional Study (PDF)

Findings on Mentorship from the Fondation sur l’entrepreneurship (PDF)

Needs and Issues of Women Entrepreneurs (PDF)

Summary of Survey Findings (PDF)

Discussion Groups and Follow-up Meetings (PDF)

Recommendations (PDF)