Sustainable Development Incentive Measures

Through the Sustainable Development Incentive Measure, clients of the SADC des Laurentides and CLD Laurentides have the chance to meet with a sustainable development counsellor.

This three-step consultation provides an introduction to SD practices:
1. Target the company’s primary SD challenges/issues;
2. Find sustainable avenues that encourage the organization’s profitability;
3. Recommend concrete actions to realize dividends.

What are the benefits of sustainable development?

ECO-EFFICIENCY : savings on energy, water, material, waste management and operating costs.

HUMAN RESOURCES : the ability to attract and retain the best talent as well as to increase employee productivity.

SALES REVENUE : increased market share, reduced risk and better financing options.

« You don’t have to apply all of these measures to realize significant dividends. The two most important are a focus on eco-efficiency and employee productivity »

Bob Willard, pioneer in corporate sustainability strategies and analysis.


To learn more about SD services offered by the SADC des Laurentides, please contact Karine Bourgeois, Sustainable Development Counsellor

kbourgeoisKarine Bourgeois
T 450 229-3001 | Toll free : 1-888-229-3001


The SADC des Laurentides offers turn-key tools to facilitate and guide the implementation of SD practices into your business.

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The SADC is proud to support entrepreneurs in a personalized sustainable development process aiming to foster the long-term viability of their enterprise. You’ll soon see that a business strategy with a sustainable development philosophy really pays off!

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